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Jewelry Care & Cleaning

Jewelry Care & Cleaning

For cleaning your jewelry, I recommend using an old toothbrush and dab of toothpaste, brush the silver, and rinse well. For a high shine follow up with a Sunshine polishing cloth.

A couple things I do not recommend for gemstone jewelry care:

  • Liquid jewelry cleaner or “dip.” This cleaner will strip some stone’s resin polish.
  • Salt water cleaning. Unless you are using the “no contact” method and are certain that salt will not damage your stone, I would stay away from this completely.

Some general tips on limiting tarnish:

  • Do not store your jewelry in a fabric lined jewelry box, the chemicals in the fabric’s dye can tarnish silver.
  • Do not store your jewelry on metal jewelry stands, this will also cause tarnish.
  • Remove jewelry before cleaning; some cleaning chemicals can tarnish silver.
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