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Vintage Airguide Instrument Co Hygrometer Junior, Humidity & Temp Desktop Gauge

From a 1952 trade catalog showing Airguide barometers and thermometers:

“A neat and trim little instrument that will keep you posted on room temperature and humidity. The JUNIOR is inexpensive but finely made for accuracy of performance. Base is designed to provide for desk use or wall mounting. A choice of three case colors (see listing below) permits selection which will best fit any room decorating color scheme.”

Didn’t everyone’s grandmother have an Airguide gadget of some kind? This desktop Thermometer-Hygrometer measures 3-1/2″ x 3-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ and is set in a black plastic case. It uses a metal-paper coil sensor to drive the hygrometer needle, but is not very accurate (by design). This one follows along those lines in terms of not being too accurate…

I cleaned it up fairly well, but it could be detailed with a toothbrush for a fine look. And like I said, it’s not very accurate. The gauges do move, slowly, and then it takes a long time to readjust to any temperature or humidity changes. Please don’t use this as your go-to thermometer-hygrometer, unless you want the most art-deco desk on the block!


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