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Aries Zodiac Astrology Sign Mar 21 – Apr 20 Glass Cabochon Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring

This ring is uniquely hand-crafted with 21 gauge sterling silver square wire and a 13x18mm Vintage Zodiac black glass cabochon. The gold ink is screened on and sealed permanently, it will not fade or rub off. Photo is enlarged to show detail. I make this ring to order. The ring pictured is a representation of what you will receive.

Wire Wrap Style Options:
Regular Wrap (no wrapped band): Regular 21 gauge wire as shown in the first photo.
Regular Wrap w/Wrapped Band: Regular 21 gauge wire w/18 gauge wire wrapped band.
Heavy Wrap w/Wrapped Band: Heavier 20 gauge wire w/18 gauge wire wrapped band.

Aries : March 21 – April 20: The first sign of the zodiac has an aggressive self-assertive quality. Planets in Aries take on an initiating, fiery, and highly active disposition. When positively aspected Aries can be accomplishing, highly self-confident, and apt to draw a following due to the pronounced leadership abilities. When negatively aspected, planets here take on a selfish energy, one which acts too quickly and leaps into situations head-first without proper preparation. Aries is the first to get things started and can be combative when blocked or denied. (Info from