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Biggs Jasper Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Gemstone Cab Ring – Exact Stone Pictured, Your Size

This ring will be uniquely hand-crafted with the 15x20mm Biggs Jasper cabochon shown. I will make this ring in the size and wrap style of your choice, with the exact stone pictured. The style shown in the photo is the “Regular Wrap”. Photos are enlarged to show detail.

Metaphysical Properties of Jasper: 
Contains messages and information from the past in the “pictures” for those ready to receive such information. It can assist in bringing to the surface buried and/or hidden guilt, envy, anger, love and other thoughts that may be pushed to the side. Once the repression is released, the lesson will be revealed. Picture Jasper can bring comfort and alleviate fears. Great to give a boost to the immune system or cleanse the kidneys.

Wire Wrap Style Options:
Regular Wrap (no wrapped band): Regular 21 gauge wire as shown in the first photo.
Regular Wrap w/Wrapped Band: Regular 21 gauge wire w/ 18 gauge wire wrapped band.
Heavy Wrap w/Wrapped Band: Heavier 20 gauge wire w/ 18 gauge wire wrapped band.

Metaphysical properties obtained from Kristi Huggins of ForTheLoveOfCrystals.


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