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Antique Books, Set of 3 Hard Cover Shabby Decor, Display Collection, Photo Props

Please read for more detailed info, that may possibly answer ALL your questions:

Before these books became part of this set, they were sitting on some lonely dusty book shelf being forgotten about, or in a box for years, decades, or a century, buried deep in the dusty corners of an antique store shelf. Kim has a passion for 19th century ornate books, and she finds them all over the place, mostly in flea-markets or antique malls, with a specific eye for Henry Altemus Publishers, and EP Roe books (those cute little ones), and she’s definitely found some real gems throughout the years. We’ve given them all a good temporary home (stored in sterlite containers in a climate controlled room, with moisture-absorbing silicone packs) until they go to their future permanent homes. Kim has purchased so many books that we need to send them on their way, to be beautifully displayed in another home, before they take over this one.

Our book sets have been published in the late 1800s – early 1900s. We do not grade books on condition, so we’re describing them all as we see them. All of these books have implied wear from being over 100 years old. You should assume they all have brown or browning pages, and are all a little to a lot dusty (come on, they’re old!). The pics show the tops of all books for inquiries about the spines, and pics of the title pages for inquiries about how brown the pages are. Please refer to the pics and descriptions if you have any questions outside of the basics. We will not break up the sets, so please don’t ask. But, we may list an exciting individual rare book once in a while! :)

We attempt to touch these books as little as possible, with latex examination gloves. We’re not going to flip through them to count that every page is there, or inspect every flaw (please don’t ask me to). There may or may not be missing pages that can’t obviously be seen. Anything major will be noted below, otherwise please refer to above, and below, for info covering nearly all inquiries. Otherwise, serious inquiries only please, because any inquiry requires us to take them out of temporary storage and touch them with our latex fingers.

I will describe them left to right as they are seen in the photos:

St Winifred’s or The World of School (FW Farrar)
c.1890 Harper & Brothers, NY & Ward Lock & Co, Limited, London
This is a deep burgundy leather covered book, with gold embossing, measures 4-5/8″ x 7″ x 1″, leather cover separating, cover fading in spots, gilt on top pages of book.

Rhymes of Childhood (James Whitcomb Riley)
1895 The Bowen-Merrill Co, Indianapolis
This is a deep burgundy cloth covered book with gold embossing, measures 5″ x 7-1/4″ x 3/4″, with writing, pages possibly missing from the front, the blank pages before the title page.

Typhoon (Joseph Conrad)
1889 The Readers Library, Kingsway, London
This is a deep burgundy cloth covered book, with gold embossing, measures 4-1/8″ x 6-5/8″ x 3/4″, with some pages detached, possibly missing, and writing.


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