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Herkimer Diamond Quartz Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant

This pendant is hand-crafted with 22 gauge sterling silver square wire and a Herkimer Diamond crystal, mined from Herkimer, NY. The pendant measures 3/4″ x 1-3/8″. The photo is enlarged to show detail.

This is a nice double terminated crystal point with well defined edges and smooth faces. There are inclusions and a perfectly formed double terminated carbon phantom crystal within the Herkimer, that is partially exposed (see picture).

Metaphysical Properties of Herkimer Quartz:  Herkimer Diamonds carry the white light vibration and can help to raise your vibration allowing you to connect with the Angelic Realms as well as the Ancient Wisdoms. Herkimer’s are often used for Soul Retrieval’s, Past Life Recall and Journeys.


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