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Libra Zodiac Astrology Sign Sep 23 – Oct 23 Glass Cabochon Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring

This ring is uniquely hand-crafted with 21 gauge sterling silver square wire and a 13x18mm Vintage Zodiac black glass cabochon. The gold ink is screened on and sealed permanently, it will not fade or rub off. Photo is enlarged to show detail. I make this ring to order. The ring pictured is a representation of what you will receive.

Wire Wrap Style Options:
Regular Wrap (no wrapped band): Regular 21 gauge wire as shown in the first photo.
Regular Wrap w/Wrapped Band: Regular 21 gauge wire w/18 gauge wire wrapped band.
Heavy Wrap w/Wrapped Band: Heavier 20 gauge wire w/18 gauge wire wrapped band.

Libra : September 23 – October 23: Libra is primarily concerned with others. either through friendship, social affairs, or joint ventures such as marriage. This sign lends harmony and artistic expression to its planets, as well as a strong intellectual factor. At its best, Libra is pleasing, fair, and a master at compromise. On the other hand, Libra tends to wait to long to act, and finds it too difficult to initiate and carry out projects alone. Libra is the great peacemaker of the Zodiac. (Info from