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Nuummite 14k Yellow and Rose Gold GF Wire Wrapped Pendant

This pendant is hand-crafted with 22 gauge 14k Yellow Gold-Filled square wire, bound with 14k rose gold-filled wire, and a Nuummite stone. The pendant measures 1/2″ x 1-1/2″. The photo is enlarged to show detail.

Metaphysical Properties of Nuummite:
Nuummite is a metamorphic rock consisting primarily of two amphiboles – Anthophyllite and Gedrite. It is of volcanic origin, forming over 3 billion years ago. Nuummite is used to open, activate, and integrate the Chakras. It can also help to balance and align the Chakras. Nuummite can help to ground both the physical and ethereal bodies. It assists in the removal of energy blockages and “muddy” areas within the auric field. Nuummite is very protective.

Metaphysical properties obtained from Kristi Huggins of ForTheLoveOfCrystals.


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