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Ocean Jasper, Serpentine & Golden Beryl Sterling Silver Wire Pendant Necklace

This necklace is hand-crafted with 10mm Serpentine flat coin beads, 8x10mm (approx) Golden Yellow Beryl smooth briolette beads, and adorned with a pendant made with 22 gauge sterling silver square wire and an Ocean Jasper stone.

The necklaces measures 17-1/2 to 19-1/2″ (including a 2″ extender chain).
The pendant measures 1″ x 1-3/4″.

All of the accents are sterling silver and the pendant cannot be removed. This necklace pictured is the exact one you will receive and it cannot be resized.

Metaphysical Properties of Ocean Jasper:
This type of Jasper is extremely healing in nature. Jasper is associated with relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, healing and wholeness. Orbicular Jaspers can be used to support pursuits based upon service. It helps one to accept responsibility and to increase the attribute of patience. It has been used to facilitate continuity in circular breathing during healing and/or meditative states. It is particularly helpful in assisting in the elimination of toxins. Also improves the digestive processes and affects the nutritional stabilization within the body.

Metaphysical Properties of Serpentine:
A wonderful healing stone! It also inspires longevity and retrieval of ancient wisdom It can be used to clear the clouded areas of the chakras and to stimulate the crown chakra. Enhances meditative states.

Metaphysical Properties of Golden Beryl:

Metaphysical properties obtained from Kristi Huggins of ForTheLoveOfCrystals.


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