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Wrap Styles for Rings

Ring Wrap Styles & Angles

Cabochon Rings Wrap Style Options

Regular Wrap (no wrapped band): 21 gauge wire, the left ring in the first photo.
Wrapped Band: 21 gauge wire with an 18 gauge wire wrapped band, the right ring in the first photo.
Heavy Wrap w/Band: 20 gauge wire with an 18 gauge wire wrapped band, shown in 2nd and 3rd photos.

Cabochon ring stones range in size from 10x14mm to 13mm round to 14x19mm. The majority of the stones are 13x18mm, so that is what used in the above photos for regular wrap vs heavy wrap comparisons. The pictures above show the cabochon rings from different angles and how they look worn. The rings shown on my hand are US sizes 6-8 for size reference. Please take note of the stone size in relation to your ring size. Larger sized rings will look different than what is shown here on my hand; this should be used as a rough comparison of stone size on an average sized hand.

The ring is not adjustable once made; please be certain of your size when ordering. For more information about how to get your size or convert to a US size, go to the ring sizing page. Ring guards work well with these rings, if your ring runs loose or if you like to wear them on different fingers.

Beaded Rings

Bead RingsFlower Bead RingMood Bead Rings

The center beads range in size from 6-8mm (the size will be defined in the listing) and the side beads will be either 4mm round or 4x5mm sterling silver Bali beads. The pictures above show how the rings look when worn. The rings shown on my hand are sizes 6-8, for size reference.

Please keep in mind that the picture makes the beads look much larger than they actually are.

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