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Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing

Not sure of your ring size or how to convert your International size to a US ring size? I have answers!

The best way to get your size would be to go to a place with a jewelry counter, like Walmart or the mall, and they can size your finger for free. Not everyone uses an accurate ring mandrel, so for best results go to a couple places, or bring them a ring to measure along with your finger.

If you need to convert your International size to a US size, here is a great chart to use: Ring Size Conversion Chart

The second best way but not always accurate would be to use a printable ring sizer. I have one that works well but it’s a little tricky because you have to do three different methods and cross check your results. 

Measuring your finger with a string or paper alone will not give an accurate result. I can’t stress that enough.

If you’re interested in the printable ring sizer contact me and I can email it to you as an attachment. Lots of good ring size conversion charts can be found on if you prefer to use another kind.


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